What the Bible Really Says About Women

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In these pages Rev. Tony Lang challenges and disproves the beliefs, widely held by various denominations and individuals that women were made by God to be subordinate to men, thus denying them leadership in the church and elsewhere.

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What the Bible Really Says About Women challenges and disproves the belief, widely held by various denominations and individuals that women were made by God to be subordinate to men, and are thus denied leadership roles within the church and elsewhere.

From Genesis to the Pauline letters, to the early church and to present day, the evidence is conclusive: both men and women were created equal by God and women and men are called by God to hold leadership positions in the work of the Gospel.

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3 reviews for What the Bible Really Says About Women

  1. Bill Lang

    From Dr Antoinette Collins
    Here is a book that focuses on a challenging topic both in the religious and secular spheres. Tony Lang’s publication succeeds admirably thanks to his impressive research while simultaneously maintaining a very readable and down to earth style. This book will appeal to scholars and students of the bible as well as mainstream readers. Women in particular will enjoy, take comfort from and be pleasantly surprised by the author’s discoveries, insights and interpretations of the many biblical texts that, though often overlooked, include women. I would highly recommend this book to many readers. Those who are interested in the bible and those who are not will enjoy and be enriched by this competent and thoughtfully written book.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ian Stewart

    From Rev Dr Ian Stewart BA BD M.Litt D Min
    Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Tony Lang’s self-published book What The Bible Really Says About Women. He has dedicated the content of the book to all women, especially those who feel they are victims of gender discrimination at the hands of Christians who assert that women should not adopt leadership roles in Christian circles. Lang’s main argument is that, through His scriptural revelation, God offers women the same eternal life He offers men and requires of women the same commitment and obedience He asks of men.

    Tony Lang has founded his arguments on all of God’s written revelation. He has avoided the weaknesses of some others who subordinate the place of women in God’s scheme of things – weaknesses resulting mainly from text-picking. Lang’s interpretation of what God has inspired biblical authors to write shows that any Bible reader who concludes that God subordinates women to men is mistaken. There is not one form of Christianity for men and a lower form for women: There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus [Galatians 3.28].

    An important plea Lang makes in addressing his readers is Please don’t read this book with a closed mind, as he presents a broad biblical view of the place of women in God’s plans for the salvation of the human race. He hopes Christians who uphold the place of women in the Kingdom and those who deny them such a place will sift his evidence carefully and fairly and be willing to discuss his views collaboratively.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    vera Pickford

    What the Bible Really Says about Women”
    A book written by Tony Lang.

    Usually when one sits down to read a book about the Bible it is about
    the men in the Bible, because, after all Jesus is the centre of the Christian religion
    and the Bible tells us all about his birth, his ministry, his death on
    the Cross and his resurrection.

    This book is very interesting because it gives us so much new and
    fascinating information about the women in the Bible – it explains who
    they were and their roles in supporting the formation of the Christian
    religion. It is a very informative and entertaining read.

    Vera Pickford.

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