The Ness Fireside Book of God Ghosts Ghouls and other true stories

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A spider the size of a wombat. A huge UFO that travels beside a car for miles. A photograph of a mausoleum, revealing the ghostly figure of a woman. Life after death accounts,  ghosts,  haunted houses, ghostly animals, warning premonitions, angels and demons, deceased loved ones who return with a message… These, and many other strange and wonderful stories: terrifying, heart-warming, amusing, inexplicable, have been recounted to Lachlan over the years by folk suddenly faced with that other, unseen world. There are stories that will take you to the very edge of belief and may even topple you over.  There is no story in this book however that Lachlan does not believe is a truthful account.

Lachlan’s personal experiences convinced him from an early age that the unseen world is all around us. He looks at them through the eye of faith.

Read this amazing book. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

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Readers’ comments

A collection of experiences about ghosts,life after death and premonitions recounted to Lachlan by genuine people and written in the author’s wonderful and intriguing style. Lachlan as a Presbyterian minister delivers through this latest book some amazing experiences encountered by his congregations and many friends including those of his own family. The subject is most interesting but could be considered controversial, certainly for some readers; nevertheless the contents are thought provoking and if one puts a mind to it not often spoken about. On reflection it makes the reader recall some unexplained events in his or her past. I recommend purchase.

Ian MacLennan

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