A Kangaroo Loose in Scotland

From the back cover
CoverLachlan and Janet travel from Australia to live in a small village in beautiful Caithness, mainland Scotland’s most northerly county. Lachlan has accepted a post as locum minister, unaware of the many adventures that await him and Janet.
A parade of colourful characters crosses their path through the pages of the book. Lachlan describes his journeys from mainland Scotland’s most northerly point to its most westerly town, down the Western Highlands, Inverness, Culloden, Ullapool, to the Summer Isles and Orkney. He conducts a memorial service among wild and lonely, trackless hills at the site of the 1942 plane crash that killed the Duke of Kent, the King’s brother.
Lachlan writes warmly of daily life among the delightful folk of his congregation and in villages in his parish, while dealing with characters such as the dodgy “Add-on John” and auld Dugald, who wants his cat buried with him, while Lachlan manages to get himself into his usual predicaments.
Here is Lachlan at his quirky best. If you love all things Scottish, you’ll love this book.

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Some readers’ comments

I’m ordering three more of your book …  I so enjoyed all your books and have become the designated orderer for St Davids.

I have just finished reading this book in record time. I was unable to put it down.

Congratulations! What an entertaining and delightful read is your book.

I will be looking for this author’s other books… “A Kangaroo Loose in the Top Paddock” and “A Kangaroo Loose in Shetland.” Recommended.
“Insights” magazine

I was so disappointed when I got to the end. I kept wanting it to go on.

…almost like a sitcom in the style of Heartbeat, Doc Martin or the Vicar of Dibley. It is a highly readable, light and easy style and the Gaelic is almost always translated.
Rev Ivan Ransom

Mum can’t wait to get into it.  She has already read your other books a couple of times.
Daniel (who gave the book as a birthday gift for his mother)


A Kangaroo Loose in Scotland

Lachlan Ness couldn’t resist the lure of northern Scotland, and neither can we, his readers, as we accompany him in his second book chronicling his experiences as a locum parish minister, this time in Caithness, in the north-eastern corner of mainland Scotland.

There are travellers’ tales aplenty, of adventures in Inverness and Glasgow, the West Coast and Orkney, as well as around the historic sites of Caithness, but we don’t go just as tourists.

We find out something of what it is like to live there, amongst the locals of a Scottish country parish. It is apparent that Scotland is very different from Australia in its natural beauty, history, culture and traditions; even language, yet here are people we can get alongside, just as  Lachlan and his wife Janet did.

He takes us into their family life and work, their celebrations and their sorrows. We meet the hard-working deacon, his session clerk wife, the church choir, a one-legged old soldier, a retired shepherd, the local con-man, Samantha the cat, to mention a few.

It is likely that many of those good Presbyterians knew from the Shorter Catechism that “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

One way to enjoy Him is to enjoy His creation in nature and in His people.

Here is a book where you can do just that.

Elisabeth Secombe