An Australian Bush Fantasy

Inspired by such beloved classics as Matthew Arnold’s haunting poem “The Forsaken Merman,” CS Lewis’s fantasy novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the biblical prophecy of Isaiah 11: 6-9, author Tony Lang has crafted an extraordinary work envisioning a magical world filled with both sorrow and joy.ABF cover

Although An Australian Bush Fantasy pays special tribute to the Awabakal people, the ancient custodians of the tribal lands within part of which is now New South Wales, compassionate people of all places, ages and walks of life will be deeply moved by the poignant message of love and stewardship that emanates from these verses.

Lovely line drawings by the talented Helen Marshall bring to life the colourful characters , reminding us of God’s love for all creatures, great and small.

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Some reviews

Quite an extraordinary reading… by the third verse I sensed what was happening and tears came to my eyes. Poignant, sensitive and quite beautiful are my words upon reading the work – I had more than a few tears by the finish. A huge thanks for sharing this with us. H & K

I really enjoyed it. It is very spiritual with a lot of Christian references. In some ways it reminds me ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’, in that it is filled with strange and likeable creatures and it has a strong Christian theme. It really reads well and is beautifully crafted. I think you have every reason to be quite proud of this work. I look forward to the end product. S & M

Oh my! The bush spirit was well and truly with you! It is so beautiful and compelling, sad and a little crazy as well. The imagery is outstanding. I felt a bit weepy at the end… the beauty and the gentleness of this poem makes me feel much better… the vegan community will love the poem! HW

What a beautiful sequel to The Magic Mist. This delightful story of nature and the animals around us that we have all met at one time or another during our lifetime. V became so absorbed while reading the story that she felt as if she was an elf in the book watching it all happen. This book is a must for nature and animal lovers. I can’t see anyone not falling in love with the story. I recommend to readers that do not possess the edition of THE MAGIC MIST to obtain same as it complements the sequel by way of its delightful illustrations. I & V

Oh Tony, it is wonderful! Reading you poem was on many levels profound. I enjoyed the quotes and the quiet way you referenced them. It’s beautiful (your poem). Thank you for trusting me with it. VN

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