A Kangaroo Loose in Shetland

The Church of Scotland parish of the North Isles of Shetland has been without a full-time minister for over four years; a fact that comes to the attention down in Australia of the Rev Lachlan Ness.Shetland

In the meantime, the parish is relying on its elders and occasional visits of ministers to conduct its preaching and pastoral activities.

Lachlan decides that here is a challenge fit for his particular talents, and lets it be known that he would be available in Shetland for a time, and would do his best to help the parish finally obtain a full-time minister. His offer is accepted.

He and his wife Janet travel to Aberdeen, Scotland, from where they cross hundreds of kilometres of wild North Sea and arrive in Shetland in a snow storm in the early spring of 2008, unaware of the many adventures that await them among the warm-hearted folk of the North Isles, Britain’s remotest islands.

This heart-warming story, full of humour and occasional pathos (for after all, it’s all about life), is a “must read” for those who may want to visit the North Isles and discover for themselves the remarkable beauty that abounds in the ancient islands of Shetland.

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Readers’ Comments

Thank you so sincerely for the two copies of your wonderful book! What a beautiful experience, and it’s wonderful that you could share it with us all, through your book.

Thank you for your book, which I found hard to put down. I was transported back to Shetland, to the land of puffins… and a beauty that is simply inspiring… I shall cherish these memories always.  Olive

…In Lachlan’s charming account of his day to day adventures and encounters, you will see something of Shetland’s remote and windswept beauty…the people of the North will become your friends, as they did for Lachlan and his wife Janet…
ES in “Span” magazine

Fantastic book – I love it and intend 2nd, 3rd etc etc read of it. Thank you for this delightful account… may your book continue to bring delight to countless numbers, as it has to us. Anne.



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