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Wednesday 16 January in the year of grace 2019

    I am enjoying getting back to my blog again. I still need Heather to show me how to go about putting up the blog, and how to enter pics again, for my techno- knowledge is short-lived indeed. 

    On Tuesday I drove to Belmont Smash Repairs to get my damaged car assessed, result of hitting that large boulder. Really nice folk there, and a very professional set-up. It will take ten days in hospital to fix my poor little i30. Fortunately I will have to pay only the excess. Anyway, they can’t start the job until March 4. The car’s drivable. 

    While I was there I put on my police chaplain’s cap (figuratively) and called in on my good friends at Belmont Police Station for a pastoral visit. All well there.

    I took Jock and Bo (granddaughter Laura’s Shiatzu)  for their usual walk by the lake later that day. The day had been hot, but we are so blessed here, for as the afternoon progressed a lovely strong nor’easter blew in from the lake. It was a special walk, in that the wind by the water blew strong and free, and the tide was on the ebb, leaving little rock pools which Bo enjoyed wading through. Of course he is so low to the ground that everything, including floppy ears, dragged in the dirt as we walked along that path through the bush above the lake, so he had to have a bit of a tub before Janet would allow him back inside.

Jock keeps an eye on little Bo

    I am now typing around Tonkie, who is standing right in front of the keyboard, in the mannerof cats – OOPS. He just jumped up on my shoulder – all seven kilos of solid cat … He’s settling himself comfortably there. I’m glad he’s comfy! I can hear his purring … 

 He is so gorgeous. A real one-person cat…

Now he’s behind me on the chair … Now his feet are edging me forward as he makes himself comfortable there … Now I am now on the very edge of the seat … Now I am off it. Now Tonkie has the chair all to himself .. Now I have the other chair in the study that I use at the writing desk. Now Tonkie is happy. He is sitting beside me on one chair and I am on the other as I type. He is looking at me with those lovely serene eyes of his… He has just thrown me a cat-kiss. Soon he will be asleep.

Tonkie at the computer – on MY chair

It’s true – I can’t help it! But I love dogs too