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God Ghosts Ghouls

GGGcoverI am very pleased to say that my latest book,The Ness Fireside Book of God Ghosts Ghouls and other true stories is now finished, published and available on as a paperback and and a Kindle e-book, as well as from the website.

So far  there has been excellent feedback and if you decide to purchase it, I hope you enjoy it too. There should be a number of reviews which will be worth reading to get an idea as to its contents, whether or not readers consider it well-written and so forth. The first reviewer gave it  4 stars. The reason he didn’t give it five, he told me, was because he automatically knocked off one star for bad hand-writing. When I told him I’d typed it all, he said “Oh well, for bad typing” – and I can’t argue with that!

Looking forward to read/hear what you have to say about it.