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book coverI am very pleased to announce that my new title, What the Bible really Says About Women is on the presses and will be available around the end of this month (October). Pre-order now, and I will send you a copy in the post as soon as supply is delivered. The e-book is currently available from e-book outlets such as amazon.com.au, iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc.

What the Bible Really Says About Women challenges and disproves the widely held belief by various denominations and individuals that women were made by God to be subordinate to men, and are thus denied leadership roles within the church and elsewhere.

From Genesis to the Pauline letters, to the early church and to present day, the evidence is conclusive: both men and women were created equal by God and women and men are called by God to hold leadership positions in the work of the Gospel.

CoverDon’t forget to check out all the other books I have written – from novels to non-fiction to children’s books.

A Kangaroo Loose in Scotland was previously published as One Memorable Summer, and has a wonderful new cover created by the very talented Helen Marshall. Explore the Shop page on this website for more information and the procedures to buy a book.

All the books can be ordered here, paid with PayPal, and I will dispatch immediately.

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